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Tips and Tricks for Creating Vision Custom Reports

This is a transcript of my VI–67 session at 2017’s Deltek Insight Agenda Introduction On Premise vs. In The Cloud Getting with the report template Creating the report statement Using the selection feature Adding custom parameters Using the column selection feature Using the sorting/grouping feature

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Deltek Vision: Project Structures Vs. Organizational Structures

The longest and hardest fought over sessions in a Vision implementation are always project numbering and project structures. While project numbering is usually defined by a legacy application or legacy filing system (and it’s less of an issue as most people think) I came across some misconceptions on Vision’s Work Breakdown Structures (WBS) and how to use them.

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Deltek Vision: Custom Reporting

Did your finance department ever approach you to create them that one specific report that’s missing? Did you ever wonder if you could write a report that would take advantage of Deltek Vision’s ® reporting capabilities and allow you to create selections, set up your own grouping, show and hide columns and create your own favourites? Or did you ever wanted to create invoices with a bit more bling than the plain standard ones? Then

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