Dear reader,

after being locked down for a couple of months now I decided to give my web page a bit more attention. I want to create content, documentation, samples and applications that you really care about.

Picking the right topic for these blogs is quite complicated since I can only guess what you, dear reader, are looking for. So why not let you decide where to take this and what topics to cover.

Running a web site and dedicating a lot of time into these topics isn’t cheap but I also did not want to plaster google ads all over my site – I don’t like it on other pages and didn’t want to start this on my own. So I looked around to see what other content creators do and came across Patreon ( I liked their approach and a lot of people I follow have accounts here. So why not follow in those footsteps.

Starting now, I will try to do things a little bit different and I hope you like and support it. A lot of my content will still be free but I created a Patreon site ( that will allow you to sign up for a membership to support this site. You will have my everlasting gratitude if you choose to do so.

I added multiple levels of support and hope this caters to you, but please feel free to suggest other levels and types of subscription.

"The Reader"

Basic Support
$ 3
  • Patron-only posts and messages

"The Suggestive Reader"

Enhanced Support
$ 5
  • All "Reader" benefits
  • Early access to content
  • Suggest and vote for new content

"Code Exchange"

Access to Apps and Code
$ 50
  • All "Suggestive Reader" benefits
  • Free access to all custom code and apps
  • Suggest and vote for a new Project of the Month
Best Value

"One On One"

Connect With Me
$ 200
  • All "Code Exchange" benefits
  • One-on-One meeting (1 hour/month)

As always, thank you for your support

Michael Dobler

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