VB.net WPF Application with Caliburn.Micro and the Extended WPF Tookit (Busy Indicator)

I have been playing around with the Caliburn.Micro framework for MVVM WPF applications lately and really liked it a lot. Of course I started doing my WPF tests in VB.net because I still thinks it’s nicer to work with :-).

When I tried to show a busy indicator for long running processes (opening a screen and loading data etc.) I quickly found the Extended WPF Toolkit with it’s Busy Indicator control. And there are a couple of implementation samples out there to integrate it with Caliburn.Micro but of course they were all in C#. As I quickly found out the suggested approaches simply won’t work with VB.net.  Continue reading

Great Blog on how to extend the new Data Import Export Framework for AX 2012

I found this very interesting and helpful post on how to create your own entities in the new Data Import Export Framework for AX 2012. As always, Microsoft created a really great tool but there are still holes to be plugged. This article will help you find your way through it. Thanks Pedro Rodriguez!

Link: http://dynamicsaxspaingermany.blogspot.de/2013/03/dmf-create-custom-entity-for-importing.html

How to create an “Invoice Detail Report” In Deltek Vision

Over the past year I received a couple of comments and emails in regards to custom reports in Deltek Vision asking me if I have more details on this topic.

This inspired me to create a detailed PDF document that will describe the process (as it is known to me) based on a sample report called “Invoice Detail Report”.

Please bear in mind that I cannot guarantee the correctness of the document since most of the instructions are based on trial & error. Deltek has been quite mum on the details around custom reports when I was still involved with it. And things may change in Vision 7 and the reports might not work as expected in forthcoming versions of Vision. Continue reading

New Book “Windows Developer Power Tools” Out Now

I'm proud to anounce that the XP Common Controls are part of the newly released book "Windows Developer Power Tool" by James Avery and Jim Holmes. This book contains references to over 170 free and open source tools, components and frameworks, all of them coming with a mini user's guide.
Please check out their homepage at http://www.windevpowertools.com or buy the book here: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0596527543/infozerk-20 – it will save you a lot of time and money when creating your next .net project.
My thanks to Jim and James for asking me to contribute to this book.

Copying Your Database Documentation From One Database To Another

We are using Red Gates SQLDoc (http://www.red-gate.com) tool to document our databases and it works just fine. But as a matter of fact we do our documentations on the test server not the real server. And then a problem arises.

SQLDoc has no tool to copy the documentation from one DB to another.

And that’s the problem because SQLDoc (and other tools including SQL Management Console itself) put the documentation text into the extended properties of SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 2005, so you cannot simply copy the documented tables, procedures or functions within the help file. And documenting on the master DB did not prove usefull for us. Continue reading

XPCC / XP Common Controls

When I was starting to develop in VS.net I wanted that nice XP-Look for all of my programs. The problem is, that Visual Studio shipped without most of them. The most missed controls where the Taskbox/Taskbar control and the Grouped ListView Contol.
I ran into implementations of some of the controls on the internet (namely vbAccelerator and the TaskVision Sample on http://www.windowsforms.net) and into a document provided by Microsoft named “Windows XP Design Guidelines”. This document provides detailed information on some of the new controls and I started to recreate some of these controls for VS.net (with hints and help from the sites mentioned above – thank you again!) Continue reading

Generic Server-Side Paging with MS SQL Server

Paging through a resultset seems to be a common problem with Winforms and Webforms. While you could do it all clientside with loading your complete resultset into a Dataset and then page through it, this will only be reasonable with a small amount of data. If you try to do this with resultsets of more than 1000 rows, the dataset will soon be consuming all of your memory or bandwith when transfering the data from the SQL Server to the Dataset on the client. Continue reading

Owner Drawing Your Textboxes

To give your textboxes a distinctive look has always been a hassle. In the old VB6 days it was almost not possible. The only thing you could do, was to incorporate the textbox into a ActiveX-control and set the looks of the ActiveX-Control.

With the advent of VB.net there seem to be 3 distinctive ways to accomplish this task. With the XPTextbox-control I tried them all and will explain them shortly and point out the advantages and disadvantages.

Continue reading